The celebrated poet Maya Angelou just died. Read about her At the New York Times At CNN from Time Warner Cable news By Rick Lewis, NPS [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Read about her at the Poetry Foundation site, where you can also read some of her poetry. Read a quote from her son here, […]

This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I decided to see what The New York Times had on its website. Pretty quickly, my attention was caught by a blog post by Nicholas Kristof, entitled “Professors, we need you”. NOTE: THIS IS MY OPINION, AND MY OPINION ALONE. IT DOES NOT REFLECT ON OR COME FROM […]

Hi, everyone! It’s been pretty quiet here recently, as I’ve just started a new job, and I love it, but it also is taking most of my science energy. But I couldn’t skip today: today is Bad News Biology’s one-year “blogiversary” (blogaversary?) and another Ada Lovelace Day! Instead of focusing on a particular woman who […]

Did you see today’s Google doodle? That is both a question I wish to ask you, and the question I was asked – via Facebook – by a friend this morning, before I’d even eaten breakfast. It’s been an intense day, so this is a pretty quick entry for you all…but here’s what you need […]

I’ve had stuff happening in my life that’s kept me from posting here, but I can’t fail to mention to you all that today, July 20, is the anniversary of the birth of Gregor Mendel, regarded as the founder of modern genetics. This is due to his 1865 paper on the mode of inheritance. In […]

Today is a wonderful nerd holiday combination: Pi Day, and Albert Einstein’s birthday! While neither of those is strictly biology, math is important to biology, and honoring math feels like a very natural thing for this biologist to do. Albert Einstein, standing in front of a chalkboard. Photo by Ferdinand Schmutzer, obtained via Wikimedia Commons. […]

February 12 is Darwin’s birthday. As an evolutionary biologist and a biology nerd, I wanted to point that out. I’m not alone: today is known as Darwin Day among many scientists. (There’s even a Facebook page!) Charles Darwin, in a picture provided by the Smithsonian via Flickr Commons Read what Darwin wrote here. There are […]

No matter how much we know, there is always something new to learn. Here’s what I knew about shingles: – it’s related to the virus that causes chickenpox – varicella – it’s most often seen in older people (usually older than 60 years old) – it’s painful – there’s a vaccine Here’s what I now […]

I’ve been offline for a couple of days because I took a long weekend/mini-vacation time to visit a dear friend who lives in another city. One of the things we did while chilling in the evenings was to watch some episodes of CSI: Miami from a few seasons ago. Oh, people, let me tell you: […]

Today we’re talking about the influenza virus, which we mostly just call the flu. It’s in the news, and based on the questions my mom was asking me recently about flu vaccines and my dad wanting to talk about NY Governor Cuomo’s recent declaration of a state of emergency due to the flu (Hi, Mom! […]