Doing it right: an unexpected octopus

Hello, all! Today we’re talking about biology in the news that isn’t problematic. It’s an octopus!

News source: Grist List: This octopus is so tiny that it snuck into the aquarium undetected

I first saw this on: Facebook

Why this is news: there’s a picture of a teeny tiny little octopus, and biology cuteness should always be news, if you ask me. (For the visually impaired: the picture that I linked is of an octopus resting on a human finger. The octopus is roughly the length of the fingernail visible – it looks to be between half an inch and an inch long, one to two centimeters.)

(Why, yes, I am giggling while sitting at my computer because this story amuses me so much. Maybe someday we can talk about octopus biology here – they’re amazing creatures.)

Why I am promoting this: honestly, yes, I know the author, and I’m pleased to be able to share something that doesn’t ruffle my scientific self that was written by someone I know. But also? Dude, it’s a teeny tiny little octopus that grew into a very small octopus by eating crabs that were in an aquarium exhibit. And it’s not described in a way that ruffles my scientific self.

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