Monthly Archives: December 2012

What does sexism have to do with immunology?

Today we’re talking about gender, sex, biology, and immunology. The immune system in action! Click for more details News source: Real Clear Science, How Do Feminists Explain Immunology? (Spoiler: feminists explain immunology the same way non-feminists do.) The original science: In this case, I’m discussing a blog post that draws on a bunch of stuff, […]

Signal boost: Free evolutionary genetics class

It is my great honor and pleasure to be acquainted with Dr. Mohamed Noor, professor of evolutionary biology at Duke University. I met him when I was attending a conference at the end of my first year of my doctoral work, and have to admit that I was a little star-struck, because I’d been reading […]

Good op-ed biology: how to make new antibiotics

Today we’re talking about antibiotics, and the scary fact that a lot of germs are resistant to the antibiotics we have. Drugs: big business (click for more info on this picture!) News source: The New York Times opinion section (Casually, an “op-ed” is an article written as an “opinion” – something someone thinks, although that […]