Hello world, again!

Thanks to Alex Wild (@Myrmecos), a lot of new people have found their way to my still very new blog. Welcome! I look forward to talking science with you.


It’s cold where I am. I took this picture this summer – figured I’d share it with all of you!

I wanted to let my real-time readers know that I may post a bit less here at the blog for a couple of weeks. (Isn’t it kind of creepy and yet super cool to think about this blog lasting, digitally, until 2100? 3000? Beyond?) My boss just invited me to participate in a very cool, very important-to-my-job project. That project entails a ton of reading, writing, and analysis on top of my main research, which already consumes most of the time I’m awake every day. (…and I’m just recovering from a nasty infection!)

I love writing here, but it takes a lot of time to try to research the topics I discuss, and I would rather post less often and have better quality. Some of the issues in the news right now also demand a higher degree of sensitivity, too.

That said, I’m sure to be on Twitter! Which I added to the sidebar here but never announced: I am now on Twitter as @DrBrainiacPhD Look there for smaller topics: I’m tweeting links to good science, other science bloggers, funding opportunities, internet science hilarity, and more.

Speaking of things I haven’t announced, I have slowly begun adding more fun things to the Biology Resources page. Got a good one? Let me know, and I’ll add it!

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