About BNB

Hello! I am Dr. Brainiac, and I’m a professional biologist. I love to read and to tell stories. Sometimes I get sad (or cranky) when I read about science stories in the news and realize that they’re wrong. I’m writing this blog to help people understand the actual science behind headlines and science reports in the news. The blog title should be read to mean “bad news-biology,” or, “biology news that isn’t exactly right.”

And, yes, the name of the blog is partly a reference to the movie The Bad News Bears.

At heart, I’m a teacher, and I want any interested student to be able to learn. No matter who you are, you deserve to have information as correct and interesting as any person who has the money and brains and health and connections to go to the best schools in the world.

The people who write news stories are usually good, smart, motivated folks…who have been more fully trained in writing and reporting than in science. Most scientists don’t really get taught how to tell a story, even to other scientists! Hopefully people like me, who love storytelling AND science, can help bridge that gap, and help people who aren’t scientists be less confused.

I am based in the United States. I’ll focus on the science I understand the best – ecology and evolutionary biology and genomics. But if you see something you’d like to hear more about that appears in another news source, I’ll see what I can do to help. (Hablo español poquito, por ejemplo, y ustedes me pueden escribir en español.)

Got an issue, question, suggestion? Email me!

Note (16 Oct 2012): I hope to make this space accessible for people with disabilities. This will take some time; if you want to help or can suggest easy ways to do that, let me know. In the meantime, I won’t use a lot of colors or pictures, and will caption and transcribe media as best I can.

Note (19 Dec 2012): Oh, yes, also? I am a woman. Which I mentioned in the inaugural post here, but am mentioning here because not all women science bloggers are visible.


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