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Happy birthday, Charles Darwin!

February 12 is Darwin’s birthday. As an evolutionary biologist and a biology nerd, I wanted to point that out. I’m not alone: today is known as Darwin Day among many scientists. (There’s even a Facebook page!) Charles Darwin, in a picture provided by the Smithsonian via Flickr Commons Read what Darwin wrote here. There are […]

What’s the deal with the flu?

Today we’re talking about the influenza virus, which we mostly just call the flu. It’s in the news, and based on the questions my mom was asking me recently about flu vaccines and my dad wanting to talk about NY Governor Cuomo’s recent declaration of a state of emergency due to the flu (Hi, Mom! […]

Signal boost: Free evolutionary genetics class

It is my great honor and pleasure to be acquainted with Dr. Mohamed Noor, professor of evolutionary biology at Duke University. I met him when I was attending a conference at the end of my first year of my doctoral work, and have to admit that I was a little star-struck, because I’d been reading […]

Good op-ed biology: how to make new antibiotics

Today we’re talking about antibiotics, and the scary fact that a lot of germs are resistant to the antibiotics we have. Drugs: big business (click for more info on this picture!) News source: The New York Times opinion section (Casually, an “op-ed” is an article written as an “opinion” – something someone thinks, although that […]