1. Everything here is my professional opinion, but just MY opinion.

I’m a professional scientist, and none of what I write here reflects the opinions or positions of the institutions that employ me or educated me.

I’m also human. I will screw up, but I will try to correct myself as quickly as possible. I will let emotion get in the way, but I will try to be gracious and apologize if I do.

2. I’m a PhD, not an MD. Don’t use this for medical advice.

Ask your own doctor. Seriously. Some of what I talk about might help you understand what your doctor has said (or why you might consider finding a new doctor), but your own medical doctor has much more information about you than I do, and is paid to answer your questions and keep you healthy. I’m not.

3. I’m a teacher, not your teacher. Don’t use this to do your homework.
I am trying to teach with this blog, but having taught in classrooms, I know that sometimes people panic or have other reasons for using someone else’s words instead of their own. If you have a homework-related question, be honest about that, and I’ll try to act as a tutor (if I have the time). But please don’t abuse this resource.

4. This isn’t personal.

I don’t hate journalists. I don’t think they’re stupid. I don’t hate other scientists or think they’re stupid. Mistakes happen. People misunderstand. Nothing here should be interpreted as a personal attack – I’m just trying to make sure the science is right.


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