Where I get my information

This is a list of journals to which I have electronic subscriptions for a table of contents email. Since I have only ever worked for schools that have subscriptions, I can usually read all of the papers I want from these journals. The Public Library of Science (PLoS) journals are all entirely free to anyone. Many papers are “open access,” or available to anyone, even when the rest of the journal is behind a paywall.

Someday I may add hyperlinks to every journal in this list; for now, it’s mostly just to provide a sense of where professional scientists publish their work.

Public Library of Science:
PLoS Biology
PLoS Genetics
PLoS Medicine
PLoS Pathogens

Nature publishing group
Nature Genetics
Nature Reviews Genetics
Nature Immunology
Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Microbiology
Nature Reviews Microbiology

The European Journal of Human Genetics

Trends in Ecology and Evolution
Trends in Genetics
Trends in Immunology

Theoretical Population Biology
Molecular Biology and Evolution
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Genome Research

Science Signaling

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, United States

Harmful Algae
Eukaryotic Cell
Infection, Genetics, and Evolution
Infection and Immunity
Genes and Immunity

My less-regular sources of science news are these, journals that I read sometimes, have read, recommend, etc. but are not in my daily inbox:
Nucleic Acids Research
Molecular Ecology
Annual Reviews
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology
Journal of Mammalogy
Journal of Protistology
Genome Biology and Evolution


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